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Some people still don’t know this game, because it is brand new, so read our review if you still don’t play it :

The Legacy Of Discord is an interesting and adventurous free-to-play online game that can be enjoyed on iOS and Android devices. Published by GTArcade, the game has large-scale PvP battles to keep you engrossed for several days. The two most interesting PvP options of the game are Guild Wars and 5v5 Icefire Field. The brilliant special effects and 3D graphics provides the ambience of a real battle.

In this game, you need to grow your powers and conquer everything that has been captured by the demon Lord Auglu. The main plot of the game is to transform the world into a better place. You have to complete the story stage-by-stage while progressing and increasing your powers. So, are you ready to venture in the world of demons?

Read on, as listed below are some interesting features of the Legacy Of Discord game:

  • Begin by checking the tutorial provided in the start, as it will teach you the basics of the game as well as give an introduction to the back story.
  • You will be provided with three gender locked classes, which are Bladedancer, Sorceress, and Berserker that have unique skills. So, you need to select any one of them carefully.
  • To unlock special stats for your game character, you need to acquire Wraithwings.
  • By completing numerous quests like Boss Challenges, you can earn plenty of in-game currency which is Gold and lot of experience.
  • If you need help in battles and are unable to capture the stronger demons, then you can procure a pet by using pet shards. The appearance of various pets and wings can be upgraded easily.
  • Your arms and ammunitions can be improved by using the Enhancing, Refining, and Fusing techniques.
  • The Guild War challenges will keep your game character always upgraded so that you can attack your enemy effortlessly.
  • The easiest way to improve your game character’s equipments is by using Battle Rating.

To conclude, the Legacy Of Discord provides a great combat experience with impressive visuals, amazing soundtrack, and unique skills. Have fun while playing this engaging game as it will surely keep you coming back for more! It may be difficult later, but don’t worry if you will use our Legacy of Discord Hack 2018 you will have fun in this game all the time! If you want to download this game go to their Googleplay store or Appstore and do it !